Hi, I'm Michael Shobowale

I had this domain sitting for so long and decided to finally make it a portfolio site. I'm a full stack web developer and this site will show some of my work

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Git vs GitHub

Git is for tracking file changes, GitHub is a cloud storage service that uses git for version control

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What is Refactoring

Refactoring is the process of changing a software system in a way that does not alter the external behavior of the code yet improves its internal structure.

A person calculating debt

What is technical debt?

Do you know when you decide to refactor your code the next sprint? Or when you cut corners just to get that feature out in time?..


Here's what people I have worked with have had to say

Working with Michael Shobowale is easily the most professional experience I’ve had with a developer. In two conversations he understood exactly what I needed my website to look like, his execution speed was really fast and best part is that his ideas helped make my website look even better than I planned.

Seun Owoyemi

My honest opinion, Michael is an intelligent, diplomatic and creative person. He’s quick to understand what you want even when you have only talked half way into your problems, he seems to know the solution from the beginning of your first sentence. He’s smart, and open to advice, corrections and improvement. I love working with Michael, He makes working with him easy. His communication skills are excellent. He’s a brilliant lad 😁😁

Osundoja Osundare

Michael has been such a great help to our team. He really played a crucial role in getting some of our big projects across the finish line by tackling some tough tasks and fixing bugs. One of the things we really love about him is how he's always ready to share what he knows about tech with the rest of us.

Ibrahim Isaac